Beth Uriel is a “transition to independent living program” that works with young men from previously disadvantaged communities between the ages of 18 and 24. We are a 26 bed facility with a waiting list of 5 to 10 youth. Because we are committed to long term care (offering support to youth throughout the duration of their schooling: at both the secondary and tertiary level), many of our family members stay at the home for 5 to 6 years. This ensures a greater level of educational success as we are able to ensure a youth is able to stand on their own two feet before leaving the program. In 2015 alone, seven of our 26 youth were matriculants with 6 of them currently studying further. Without Beth Uriel’s educational support most learners would have left school in grade 10.
Nearly 50% of our intake is done in partnership with children’s home’s as youth “age out of care” while the other 50% are community based referrals often with an emphasis on “diversion” (trying to keep youth out of troublesome activities).