Interested in giving of your time and resources for anywhere from 3 to 12 months?  Beth Uriel has a strong international volunteer program hosting up to 25 applicants a year.  Our formal volunteer programs include both Social Work and Youth Care Work.  Social Work interns must be:  over 21, in their second or third year of social work studies (or a similar field) and be willing to commit to a minimum six month stay.  Those interested in Youth Care Work must be: male, over the age of 18 and be willing to commit to a minimum three month stay.  If you are interested in giving your gifts and talents to the home but do not have experience in the above fields contact us anyways!  We are always open to creative ways to expand our global family.


While we work with many exchange programs we are happy to take volunteers that come on their own as well!  As an international volunteer, Beth Uriel can assist you with any paperwork you require: including documentation you may need to travel (visa) as well as any support you may need if you are a student (contracts with your university, etc.).  Transport to and from the airport isn’t an issue as we are happy to collect those looking to spend time with our family.  Once in Cape Town, we will help you get settled into a  lcoal backpackers while you find more permanent accommodation.  (Which is usually very easy to do as Beth Uriel is a five-minute walk from Observatory– a neighborhood full of accommodation for students and volunteers alike!)

18For futher information on our intake criteria (download intake criteria here).  Interested in volunteering?  You can download the application form here.  Also feel free to gather more information on volunteering by looking through out welcome pack (download welcome pack here). All applications should be emailed back to with supporting documentation (c.v., letter of motivation and letter of reference).