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Me’Kasi. It’s who you are, it’s where you come from…no matter where that is.If you’re new to this, ‘Kasi’ means locasie, location, township style, South African style. Some people are made in “The Locations” and eclectic, funky, locasie style comes easy…others have to borrow a little, and Me’Kasi is for you too!Every Me’Kasi product you buy sends much-needed financial support to the Beth Uriel family, This Way Up and the projects in which they’re involved. That makes you a part of the good things going on here, so “mekasi sukasi”, you’re welcome anytime.Me’Kasi products are made at the Me’Kasi lab by the Me’Kasi team at the Beth Uriel house, Salt River, Cape Town. The Me’Kasi team is young and diverse and is made up of members of the Beth Uriel family. Its our way of helping ourselves and of being part of This Way Up. (The whole family is crazy about Me’Kasi. The Me’Kasi look says a lot about the BU family’s style).Take a look for yourself though… and thanks for your support!How to get our products: Come visit our shop at 289 Victoria Road, Salt River, Cape Town. If you live outside of Cape Town, why not come visit us anyway?! Otherwise, email us and let us know what you’d like to order.