The Beth Uriel family is full of opportunities for both local and internationanl volunteers!

Local Volunteers

If you are from Cape Town and are looking to get involved in the good work happening in and around your community, Beth Uriel is just one of many places to check out!

16Weekly tutoring is an easy way to get involved in the routine of the house.  At the start of each school term the home hosts a “checking-in” time for anyone interested in possibly tutoring.  If interested, the volunteer is then matched with a family member (according to subject strength and need) and is asked to make an hours commitment each week.  We hope that this relationship last the duration of the academic year as consistency is essential.

If tutoring isn’t your thing, there are always a variety of other ways you can help.  Weekend activities, holiday gift sponsorship and “extreme make-over” days are all ways locals have blessed the home in recent years.  Beth uriel is particularly suitable  for those South Africans looking to be a part of something outside their normal social circles.  A real opportunity to discover the amazing diversity this country holds!  Contact Melvin Koopman at 021 447 8727 or at  for questions or to set up an intial interview