Beth Uriel (which means “House of Light” in Hebrew) was started in 1987. It grew out a vision of Angela La Grange and Hudson McComb – to show compassion and God’s love to the troubled children of Cape Town. “Mama Angela” and Hudson welcomed up to 40 children at a time off the streets and out of troubled homes.

Boys and girls of all races were invited to come and stay in the old Fire Station, which became the Beth Uriel home. Great work was done in the lives of these children and even the Apartheid government turned a blind eye to the rainbow mix of children within the house because they saw such miracle life changes come out of the “House of Light”.

Over time, Beth Uriel moved their focus to older teenage boys. Young men in their mid-teens were at the stage where they wanted to make a change in their lives – a change for the better. Their maturity added to the success of the house.