Beth Uriel believes that when provided with a safe home environment, educational opportunities, positive social alternatives and a safe space to explore issues of identity and masculinity, young men will be equipped to:

  • Complete their studies at both the secondary and tertiary levels
  • Enter the workplace with confidence
  • Pursue careers that meet both their practical needs as well as needs of fulfillment and purpose
  • Lead in their homes as sons, husbands and eventually fathers
  • Serve their communities with purpose and integrity


The majority of residential facilities in the Western Cape disengage with youth at the age of 18 due to a lack of government support and funding.  Beth Uriel is one of three residential programs in the Cape providing services to youth over 18.  Of these other services, Beth Uriel has had the greatest success in terms of school re-integration and academic support at the tertiary level.

  • Since 2010, the home has had 14 young men succesfully complete their matric.
  • Of these, 13 have gone on to study at the tertiary level.  Areas of study  include (but are not limited to):
    • BA Psychology, Cornerstone Institute
    • BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), UNISA
    • Culinary Certification, SA Chef’s Academy
    • Commercial Diving Certification, Jack’s Diving Academy
    • National Diploma in Human Resources, Damelin
    • Hospitality Training, Sustainability Institute
  • Beth Uriel’s family history includes many members who have succesfully entered the work force.  Career paths include:
    • South African Police Service (SAPS)
    • Chef, Aubergine Restaurant and Grand Daddy Hotel
    • Land Surveyor, City of Cape Town
    • Project Manager, Desmond Tutu Foundation
    • Driver, Dial-a-bed
    • Translator, Cape Town Regional Court