Some of our family (past and present)

Nathan Hans

12 March 1991
Originally from Lavender Hill
Nathan arrived at Beth Uriel in 2012.  He has since returned to school and is completing Grade 12 at the School of Hope in Observatory.
Lebouang Marawetsi

21 December 1994
Originally from Zimbabwe
Lebu arrived at Beth Uriel in 2012.  In 2013 he returned to school after three years and is completing Level 2 at the BEST Centre in Salt River.
Lionel Solomons

Lionel stayed at Beth Uriel for four years.  While at the home he completed school up until Grade 11 (School of Hope and Northlink College).  He has recently returned home to live with his family in Athlone.
3 Jacobus Jooste

16 April 1987
Originally from Worcester
Jacobus lived at Beth Uriel for four years.  While at the home he completed his matric at School of Hope and qualified as a commercial diver at Jacks Diving Academy in Gordon’s Bay.  He currently lives with his wife in Gardens, Cape Town.
Carline Mutz

Social Work student from Germany
intern in 2012/13; duration: 5 months
My internship with Beth Uriel was a full success! As a social work student I gained lots of working experience as I was able to get an insight of BU as an NGO but even more when working with some individual family members regarding their challenges and needs. My personal experiences range from being a female intern among young men over the challenges of finding the “right” way to being grateful for the rewarding time I could spend with the BU family.