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Barista training

We organize barista training program through Me'kasi kafe

A great career opportunity for the boys here at Beth Uriel is barista training. With this, some young men who cannot go to school due to age or paperwork hereby get a chance to make a career out of making coffee and use all their learnt skills in the future. The coffeeshop at Beth Uriel, Mekasi Kafe, is being managed completely by the boys themselves and the profits go to the home. The young men who work at the coffeeshop get barista training to become certified baristas. They can put these certificates and also their work experience at Mekasi Kafe in their CV. It is also a great opportunity for them to develop their hospitality skills. The coffee machine and the till are professional equipment and of the same standard as those used in big coffeeshops, restaurants and bars. When looking for a job as a barista these young men already have an advantage because of their familiarity with the coffeemaking process and the machinery, and hospitality skills.

Mekasi Kafe also functions as a “businesscard” to Beth Uriel. It is a great place to welcome visitors such as tourist groups and local coffee lovers. The profits made by Mekasi Kafe goes directly to the home. By buying coffee or merchandise products (such as t-shirts, hoodies, laptopbags, jewelry) visitors are actually contributing to these young men’s futures. But most importantly, Mekasi Kafe is about training and giving interested youth an opportunity to learn the art and sought after skill of coffeemaking and possibly pursuing a career in this field.

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